The Object Bus – Live editing with a remote connection


The Object bus visualization graphic.

Upon starting the Elias Studio the user has three options; create a new project, load an already existing project locally, or remote to an already running instance of a project and this is what we call remoting. Remoting is for example when you have a Unity or Unreal running with the plugin installed, and a loaded Elias Project is active, then the studio can start in remote mode, and remote to the instance running within the game engine. 

This allows for live editing in the Elias Studio while the game engine is running and even when a play session is running. For updating changes made to the Elias project this means that there is no need for exports or imports of assets or even restart of the play session, everything will just update live, while you are listening to it. So there will be no wasted waiting time or any iterations between the Elias Studio project and the Game, your workflow will be instant and uninterrupted.